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This is a hand-held TV digital Microscope, It is simple function,easy operation,plug and play, is an economical and affordable microscope

Model:MV401TV(TV   Digital Microscope)
Camera Type:Color   CMOS Camera
Resolution:420 TV line
lSensor:1/4 " Imax   CMOS
Array   Size:656x492
Illumination: 8 white adjustable LEDs
Frame Frequency:60fps
Optical features:Gamma   Correction: Auto
Numerical Aperture: Auto
Exposure: Auto
White Balance: Auto
Sensitivity boost +42dB
Flicker Cancellation: Auto
Defective Pixel correction: Auto
Color Saturation: Auto
Signal Interface:Standard   Video RCA
Power Source:DC   5.0V
Power Consumption:0.4W   MAX
Adjustable Magnification:10x   ~200x
Object Distance:0~300mm
Dimension:36mm(Diameter)   x 120mm(Length)

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