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MiView Wireless TV Microscope is an exciting new device that it is an amazing and easy to use handheld color digital microscope with Video output. It broke the conception of traditional microscope, it realized portable and friendly usage while the traditional microscope is ponderous and unfriendly operating. It do be a small, easy to operate and portable fun.

Abundant application scopes:
?Industrial Inspection ?Electronics/mechanical assembly and quality control ?Medical analysis
?Scientific teaching tool ?School Research tool ?Printing Inspection ? Textile inspection
?Dermatology(skin/scalp)exam  ?Insect dissection/observing ?Plant dissection/observing
?Collections/Curio/Jewelry Inspection  ?Reading aide  ?etc.

Product Specifications
Model: MV401RTV(200X)
Camera Type: Color CMOS Camera
Sensor: 1/4"Imax CMOS
Array Size: 656x492
Illumination: 8pcs white adjustable LEDs
Frame Frequency: 60fps
Optical features: Gamma Correction: Auto
Numerical Aperture: Auto
Exposure: Auto
White Balance: Auto
Sensitivity boost +42dB
Flicker Cancellation: Auto
Defective Pixel correction: Auto
Color Saturation: Auto
Signal Interface: Standard Video RCA
Power Source: DC 5.0V
Power Consumption: 0.4W MAX
Adjustable Magnification: 10x~200x
Object Distance: 0~200mm
Dimension: 36mm(Diameter) x 120mm(Length)

●Handheld Wireless TV digital microscope.
●Small and Portable.
●Easy and friendly operating
●High definition and Excellent images
●High Magnifications:more and more TV size

●1set Microscope transmitter+ USB receiver
●1pcs Stand+ 2pcs transparent covers
●1pcs DC 5.0V Power
●User Manual
●1pcs Av line
●1pcs USB Charge line

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